Lucy and Yak: The Story so far

Lucy and Yak: The Story so far


Don't you just love a success story, enough doom and gloom in the news.

Lucy and Yak are on an amazing journey, from humble beginnings just over 1 1/2 years ago to being a super brand, ok maybe not yet but at this rate world domination can't be far off, lol 

12 months ago Sands Boutique joined their journey, being one of the first Lucy and Yak stockists. Now they have stockist popping up all over the world. As I write this their Instagram has 111k followers and they are expanding their range daily.  The success has allowed them to build a factory, with Air Con !!!!,  pay a fair wage in India and have signed up to a living wage in the UK.

What does the future hold for them?  Oh so much but can't spill the beans just yet.

Sands Boutique has sold 'loads' of different dungarees, we don't order large deliveries that way we don't swap the market, the fun of Lucy & Yak is the originality of the range. With weekly deliveries we can respond to the latest styles, like the boiler suits and coats, T shirts to fleeces, we even stock the socks and pins.-

Now Sands Boutique  Lucy and Yak gang include all ages 9 to 70 + and even a super model, really world wide acclaimed Cornish model @elinorweedon

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