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Hello, we are Reece & Joe, also known as "The Cornish Furniture Painters''.
Ever since we first pick up our paint brushes over twelve years ago, we knew that one day, we wanted to create our very own unique Cornish mineral paint line. 
Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is our family owned and operated paint line. We live in the heart of Cornwall with our three beautiful children and three dogs.


Our journey for creating our own unique Mineral Paint line started back in 2012. 
Being professional furniture painters for the past twelve years, we always had the dream to own and produce a Cornish based mineral paint and to offer our customers a truly amazing painting experience, which would be like no other paint they had ever used before, and of course our line would showcase our rich Cornish herritage. 
Our main inspiration for Cornish Milk came from American powdered Milk Paints, which were a favourite of ours to use on painted furniture. The reason we loved milk paints so much, was because this type of paint achieved a finish that dried flat back to the grain, showing all the beautiful wood grains, produced no brushstrokes, once cured became ultra durable and the pigments used for the colours were unlike anything we had ever seen before, each colour was vibrant and authentic. After many years of testing and making paints, we finally created this same beautiful finish, but using our very unique mineral paint formula base, which is eco-friendly and more importantly Vegan. Cornish Milk's formula was finally perfected in 2018 and Cornish Milk Mineral Paint launched as a paint line on 10th January 2020.
''No Cow's were harmed in the making of our Paint line!''
All of our Mineral paints are lovingly handmade in the United Kingdom by a small family owned paint manufacturing company, whom take pride in the paints they create. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been inspired for our love of Cornwall, our home and each of our mineral paint colours contains the finest Cornish earth pigments and minerals to create our authentic and outstanding colour palette.
''We believe Cornish Milk is truly a unique mineral paint and is unlike any other paint we have used before. We are sure you're going to agree too.'' 
As a business and strong believer in a better future for our planet, our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint line has a strong ''ECO'' ethos and as a business we have already proudly reduced our carbon footprint by over 75%. It's very important to us both that we created a paint line that would not damage our health and would not damaged our Planet or the species which share our home with us.
There is no other paint line that has put as much thought into their paint brand as we have, in terms of being Eco-Friendly and changing the way we use packaging. 
Our mineral formula has been made from no animal products, contains no nasty VOC's, chemicals, toxins and our unique ''Milk'' Carton packaging is 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable, so we know that our packaging will not harm our planet. We are the first paint line in the world to have biodegradable paint packaging and we hope to path the road for other brands to follow suit and to start making a difference. We made sure that all of our packaging is either biodegradable or accepted all over the world to be fully recycled and has been made from recycled materials, minimising our co2 emissions in manufacturing
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