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Hobo & Hatch is a modern bohemian label. Inspired by the eternal wanderer, independent spirit, salt of the earth haute hobo. The label has declared their support for slow fashion. Supporting sustainability initiatives across the fashion world, reducing its carbon footprint & carrying ethical products in a push for more ‘conscious’ shopping. The Fig Tree Lane flagship store is a collection of local, handmade, salty, bohemian, haute hobo clothing, jewellery and homewares for the wild and free.

With an expanding in-house label designed in South-Western Australia amongst a mix of well known and emerging labels the brick and mortar and online stores are a treasure trove for the searcher of the extraordinary. One-of-a-kind pieces merged with vintage, simple honest craftsmanship with elegant design.

Treading lightly and directly empowering creative communities, Hobo & Hatch celebrates finding beauty in the simple. Connecting us to the earth with tradition and individuality.


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