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Every piece is individually made by Faye in her studio in West Cornwall. Many pieces are hand decorated using steel punches so are totally unique.

Faye’s work is inspired by stories, folk art, talismen and ancient symbols. She has a passion for creating jewellery imbued with power - bringing the wearer whatever magic they need.

Jewellery is often given great importance either by society or the wearer, whether it is a royal crown, simple token of friendship or a treasured family heirloom. Jewellery resonates with the energy of previous owners, the intentions of the giver and the feelings of the wearer. Faye creates pieces that hold stories and affirmations that empower and promote strength, love and positivity.
Faye tends to work in small limited editions and one-off pieces to keep the work interesting and different. The total number of pieces made will be in the listing if it is part of an edition.
Faye says: 
Jewellery has always been imbued with special powers, whether it's a wedding ring or a treasured piece that has been handed down the family.

I want women to buy my jewellery knowing that they have a talisman or lucky charm that will bring out their real self, promote confidence and growth through using affirmations, precious stones as well as ancient and modern symbolism.

I create strong designs for strong women.

Every piece is individually made and hand punched by me so everything is unique.

I'm inspired by practically everything I look at and love geometric patterns, Mexican folk art, talismans and symbolism
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