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Gabin Lapin Music Chicken

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MUSIC BOX DOUDOU, ideal for putting baby to sleep, the little melody soothes him, at nap time, or in the evening for a big sleep. For this time, we have used decidedly more modern music, the babies love it and the parents around too!!!

Music BOB DYLAN - Music Blow'in in the wind

MIXED AWAKENING PLUSH, thanks to the many materials and colors used, our stuffed animals are also early learning toys that will help baby develop his senses such as touch, or sight... in addition, of course, to hearing.

EBULOBO CREATOR OF HISTORY TOYS! PEACE & LOVE the happy farm, a completely wacky tribe of farm animals. A bit of a hippie, baba-cool, with an ecological bent, lives in a community in the countryside and cultivates his farm products! They fled the city to return to the green. Every Sunday, it is at the wheel of their 2CV that they go to the village market! These 5 wacky animals each have their own personality.

MIXED DOUDOU WASHABLE IN Surface so as not to damage the mechanism which produces the music, EBULOBO develops awakening toys which are as many tools promoting the awakening of the very young, while scrupulously following European regulations on toys and security.
For this we work in close collaboration with the largest laboratory in the world, namely SGS.


30cm long

Net weight

240 grams