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A mild blend from the Lebanon.

This incredible Middle Eastern spice blend  originates in the Lebanon but is widely used and so versatile. It can be used with meats, vegetables, salad and even added to dough when making bread. For a quick and easy snack, mix a table spoon of Za'atar with olive oil, paste the mixture over some pitta breads and grill until toasted and golden.


Scrumptious Za'atar Pittas

You will need

  • 4 pitta pockets
  • A generous helping of Cornish Spice Man Za'atar
  • A glug of olive oil


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 200C (Gas Mark 6)
  2. Slice the pitta pockets open and tear into large chunks
  3. Mix your oil & Za'atar together in a small bowl
  4. Lay the pitta pieces rough-side-up on a flat baking tray
  5. Brush the Za'atar mixture over the rough side of the bread until covered evenly
  6. Toast in the oven for 6-8 minutes until golden and crispy.

Serve hot or cold with some homemade houmous. A delicious appetizer ready in minutes!

Add salt and pepper for an extra kick.

Nutrition Facts  
Serv.  Size:  ONE TEASPOON PER TWO PORTIONS  (8 g) ,  
Servings:  6,  Amount  Per  Serving:  Calories  10, 
Fat Cal. 5, 
Total Fat  0.5g  (1% DV), 
Sat. Fat  0g  (0% DV), 
Trans Fat 0g, 
Cholest.  0mg  (0% DV), 
Sodium  320mg  (13% DV), 
Total Carb.  2g  (1% DV), 
Fibre 1g (4% DV), 
Sugars 0g, 
Protein  0 g, 
Vitamin A (2% DV), 
Vitamin C (2% DV), 
Calcium (6% DV), 
Iron (10% DV). 
Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.



Vegetarian & Vegan friendly.
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